Vicky Krieps: Hollywood's Unconventional Star

Explore Vicky Krieps' journey from her breakout role in "Phantom Thread" to her unconventional career choices.

Learn how Krieps turned down Hollywood offers to maintain a grounded life in Berlin with her family.

Discover Krieps' decision to avoid a Hollywood agent and the impact it had on her career.

Explore Krieps' filmography, including projects like "Hold Me Tight," "Old," and "Corsage."

Understand Krieps' personal connection to the film "Old" and its themes of self-discovery and aging.

Delve into Krieps' collaboration with Viggo Mortensen on "The Dead Don't Hurt" and the creative dynamics between them.

Explore Krieps' tendency to challenge conventions and her unique approach to filmmaking.

Learn how Krieps contributed to shaping her character, Vivienne, in "The Dead Don't Hurt."

Discover Krieps' upcoming projects and her retrospective at New York's Metrograph in October.