Discovering LASK Football Club

Liverpool's Europa League Opponents

Liverpool enters the Europa League after missing out on the Champions League for the first time in several years.

Liverpool's first Europa League opponent is LASK. What's the story behind this Austrian club?

LASK stands for Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub, hailing from Linz, Austria. Explore their name's evolution.

LASK made history by winning the Austrian title in 1965. Learn about their journey and recent Europa League experiences.

Recall LASK's stunning victory over Inter Milan in the 1985/86 season and their recent encounters in European competition.

Discover LASK's stadium history, from Linzer Stadion to the recently opened Raiffeisen Arena.

Explore the seating capacity of the Raiffeisen Arena for domestic and international matches.

Find out why LASK temporarily moved from Linzer Stadion and their return for European matches.

Get ready for Liverpool's clash with LASK in the Europa League as they aim to make their mark in European football.