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Friends, Jeremy Renner has had an accident, about which we will now know in full detail what happened,

Jeremy Renner Accident A spokesman for the Friends actor revealed on Sunday that he was in a serious but stable condition

Jeremy Renner Accident, Avengers Endgame and Hawkeye Actor, ‘Critical’ after an accident while plowing snow over the weekend.

Jeremy Renner Avengers Endgame and Hawkeye Actor, Friends, Jeremy Renner also owns a ranch above Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

The area was hit by a New Year's Eve wedding storm that knocked out power to nearly 35,000 homes, as well as last year

Within a week, much of the US was also hit by the blizzard of the century, which killed at least 60 people across the country.

On December 13, Jeremy Renner shared a photo of snow in the area on Twitter, and fellow I also wrote in it that snowfall in Lalu Jail is not a joke

Friends, he also had a series going on and he is also a famous actor of Marvel and recently he started a web series called Hawkeye

And Hawkeye's spokesperson has told the Hollywood Reporter late on Sunday night that we can confirm that Jeremy Renner is in critical but stable condition

Friends Deadline told that Jeremy Renner was airlifted to the hospital  click link below for full info.