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KIRO Newsradio host Dori Monson dies at age 61

Friends, today I am going to tell you about the host of KIRO News Radio, Dori Monson, who died recently, friends, he was 61 years old, then he died,

Friends, this Longtime KIRO News radio relative and Bonneville International Corporation, along with the immediate family of Dori Monson

Announce with great sadness the sudden death of Dori Monson on Saturday night at a Seattle hospital.

As for friends, Dori Monson was known for his keen eye on government and social issues, which earned him a reputation as one of the boys

on the "mean streets of Ballard." At the time of Dori Monson's death, he was KIRO- FM's top rated mid-day host

Bonneville Seattle Senior Vice President and Market Manager Cathy Cangiano also said that we want to memorialize and celebrate her life and legacy with an on-air tribute

Friends, if I talk about Dori Monson's career, then I would like to tell you that her career was in radio and it started in 1982 at the University of Washington

And friends, Dori Monson's career started in the 1990s with King TV. Along with working at King Radio and KERO

Friends, everyone is not fond of Dori's family for her great loss click link below for full info.