Champions League Highlights

Arsenal marks its Champions League return with a dominant 4-0 win over PSV Eindhoven, signaling their intentions for the competition.

Jude Bellingham's late goal secures Real Madrid's victory, showcasing his impact since joining the club.

Manchester United's woes continue with a wild 4-3 defeat against Bayern Munich, raising concerns about their form.

Napoli claims a 2-1 victory over Braga, aiming for European success after their recent Italian title win.

Inter Milan stages a comeback to secure a draw against Real Sociedad in a thrilling encounter.

American stars face mixed fortunes as they compete in the Champions League, with some starting and others coming off the bench.

A roundup of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League matches, offering a glimpse into the tournament's early drama.

Stay tuned for more thrilling Champions League action as the group stage unfolds.

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