Angelica Ross Speaks Out: Her Struggles with Ryan Murphy

An introduction to Angelica Ross and her rise to fame through television shows like "Pose" and "American Horror Story."

Explore Angelica Ross' revelation of an email from Ryan Murphy in 2020, expressing interest in her idea for an all-Black female cast in "American Horror Story."

Highlight the email exchange between Ross and Murphy, including her request for producing duties and the lack of response.

Discuss how Ross believes she missed out on a Marvel project due to the uncertainty caused by the unresolved "American Horror Story" situation.

Explore how Ross took to social media to express her frustration and seek clarity about her career prospects.

Discuss the absence of a public response from Ryan Murphy regarding Angelica Ross' claims.

Explain how Ross accused Emma Roberts of misgendering her during the filming of "American Horror Story" and the subsequent private apology.

Highlight Angelica Ross' shift towards non-television projects, including her Broadway debut and her potential career changes.

Discuss Ross' hints about pursuing a different profession and the uncertainty surrounding her future in the entertainment industry.