49ers Secure Dominant 30-12 Victory Over Giants

A brief introduction to Week 3 of the NFL season, featuring the San Francisco 49ers facing off against the New York Giants.

The Giants' impressive comeback win in Week 2, which saved their season after a challenging start.

Both teams faced challenges with key offensive players sidelined due to injuries: Saquon Barkley for the Giants and Brandon Aiyuk for the 49ers.

A look at the opening moments of the game, where both teams secured field goals to put points on the board.

Highlighting 49ers star defensive end Nick Bosa's first sack of the season, disrupting the Giants' offense.

Exploring the 49ers' success in the red zone, including a touchdown pass to Ronnie Bell.

Christian McCaffrey's historic touchdown and his pursuit of a record-breaking streak.

The Giants' response, including a 57-yard field goal by Graham Gano, closing the first half.

A summary of the first-half performance, with the 49ers controlling the game and McCaffrey making NFL history.