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Dori Monson dies at age 61
He was suffering from heart disease and dies in a Seattle Hospital 31 December 2022

Friends, if you do not know who is Dori Monson's wife, then let me tell you that Dory Monson's wife's name is Susan.

And friends Dori Monson married his wife Susan in 1988
He also had three daughters with friends Dori Monson and Suzanne.

Dori Monson and his wife Suzanne also celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in June 2022.

Friends, as you must know that Dori Monson is no longer among us in this world.

Friends recently, Dori Monson died on December 31 in a hospital in Seattle.
Dori Monson was a longtime conservative radio personality,

And friends, for a few days, Dori Monson was having a heart-related problem, due to which Dori Monson had a "cardiac event" at her home for almost two days.

He died on December 31 in a hospital in Seattle in the presence of his family members.

And friends, it has been said in the statement that Dori Monson was battling health problems for the last few years. He was survived by his wife and three daughters.

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