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Friends Dory Monson was the host of Seattle's most listened to and fiercest radio talk show

Friends, Dory Monson was a tough, hard-working type of person.

Friends The Dory Monson Show Feature Two National Edward R. Murrow Awards have also been awarded.

Dori is fearless
It’s hard to find a media talent these days that is guided by his own compass. Dori is fearless and always has the facts to back up his arguments.

1. Sandy Zogg 5/5

Keep the podcasts coming!!
Even though I live in Oregon, our states are both a hot mess, I love listening to your podcast.

2. Happy Girl 5/5

Jessica - Death of a Young Mother by Forced Vaccine Mandate
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! In Sept/Oct you covered the horrible and tragic death of my best friend of 20+ years,

3. AJ OSU5/5

Jessica Wilson, who involuntary received the vaccine to be a class mom helper in her daughters classroom. I have never forgot how you stuck up for her and her family. Thank you

Listening from a Free State!
Inslee and Ferguson drove me out of WA 4 years ago. I’m now in the beautiful and free state of Idaho, and loving it. Thanks to podcasts,

4. RainDodger 5/5

Dori brings us local stories that would otherwise be swept under the rug by local media. Important legislation and honest looks at the growing number of radical decisions.

5. EvanEmry 5/5

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